Microflora Environmental Spray

Microscopic Cleaning for a Healthy Environment™

EcoGuard’s probiotic treatment is a concentrated microflora spray that leaves a powerful barrier of GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) probiotics on surfaces. The proprietary microorganisms establish and maintain a stable and healthy microbial community on hard surfaces and fabrics. It can be used on any moisture-tolerant surface or material by spraying, misting or fogging.

Why Use Probiotics?

For eons, bacteria have been fighting against each other for scarce resources. Today, we can use this battle to our advantage. Probiotics are non-pathogenic (i.e., good) bacteria that can colonize surfaces and organisms. In doing so, they make it difficult for dangerous pathogens to get a toehold. Think of it as a microbial free market: good microorganisms simply out-compete the bad variety. What we have to do is to figure out how to use probiotics to our benefit.

EcoGuard’s treatment adds bioengineered, safe bacteria to cleaned surfaces. These healthy microbes can remain on the surface long after the initial treatment has been completed. Probiotics are essential to obtaining and maintaining a surface that is clean at the microbial level – a truly clean surface.

  • Promotes beneficial bacteria
  • Neutralizes unwanted pathogen bacteria
  • Keeps surfaces clean longer
  • Migrates to completely cover the surfaces
  • Protects against the return of unwanted pathogens

This product is eco-friendly and certified by the Green Clean Institute.

Z BioScience Probiotic Agricultural Cleaning Solutions from Z BioScience on Vimeo.


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