Mice and rats are very common pests that can be active at any time of year, but an influx of activity will come in fall and winter. Rodents, in general, can reproduce fast if left unchecked. Look for signs of rodent activity — feces that look like black grains of rice, or chew holes in wood, sheetrock, plastic, siding, etc. They can eat just about anything!

Pest Control for Mice

House Mouse

House mice are fast breeders. They have a gestation period of 19-21 days, giving birth to an average of 6 to 8 pups. They can do this numerous times a year leading to rapid growth in population. If not eliminated right away, you can quickly have an infestation!

Pest Control for Rats

Norway & Roof Rats

Roof Rats and Norway Rats are the most common rat species in south-central Kansas. Norway Rats are larger and bulkier and have a tail that is shorter compared to its body. Roof Rats have a longer tail compared to its body, and are darker in color. If they are in the basement or crawl space, it is likely the Norway Rat because they are not skilled climbers. In contrast, Roof Rats are very good climbers and can usually be found in attics and upper levels.

What Attracts Rodents

How To Keep Rodents out

Mouse Pest Control
Mice can reproduce and become a problem very quickly!

Running from Rodents?

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