Pet-Friendly Pest Control

Pest Control

At EcoGuard Pest Control, our General Service plan is the most popular plan of treatment for residential pest control. It is an affordable option for keeping the bugs under control year-round. Choose either our subscription or pay-as-you-go option, and we will treat your residence every three months. The residential pest control service will include treatment of the interior and exterior of your house, placing glue boards as necessary, and inspecting for signs of other pests or pest damage. If we find pest entry points, we will advise on how to correct the issue and keep the pests out.

What To Expect

Initial Treatment

Your initial service will include a more in-depth treatment and cleaning to get rid of all the pests that may be hiding in or around your home.

Interior Treatment
Wall Void Dusting, If needed
Rodent Bait Station Set Up, if needed
Exterior Treatment
Exterior Perimeter Cleaning

Maintenance Treatments

All maintenance services will include a treatment of the exterior of your home, Interior treatment, as well as cleaning up cob webs and knocking down wasp nests.

Interior Warranty
Interior Treatment
Rodent Bait Station Monitoring, if needed
Exterior Treatment
Exterior Perimeter Cleaning
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