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EcoGuard Pest Control

EcoGuard LLC is a full-service pest management company serving Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding communities. We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable and efficient. We take care of both our customers’ needs and the environment. Since 2016, EcoGuard Pest Control has put its clients’ needs first. Integrity to our client relationships and the services provided to the client is the highest priority of our company. EcoGuard Pest Control also uses 100% family, pet, and environmentally friendly pest management products.

Some pests are just that ― pests. They do not really cause any harm or danger in or around our homes or yards, but they do pester us and we simply don’t want them around. Other insects, rodents, and wildlife pests can cause significant damage or spread disease to people or our pets. Pest control efforts can reduce or eliminate both pesty pests and harmful pests. It is the second group that is of most concern. We specialize in pest control of harmful pests, such as bed bugs. If you think you may have harmful pests, contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection, quote, and plan for treatment.

EcoGuard Pest Control is a locally owned and operated small business based out of Haysville, Kansas. We proudly serve residential and commercial properties in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding communities in south-central Kansas. Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection of your home or business, or to see if we service your area.

EcoGuard Pest Control treats 200+ insects, ants, spiders including black widow and brown recluse, wasps and hornets, mice, moles and gophers, mosquitos, bed bugs, termites, and more. All of our products are 100% family, pet, and environmentally friendly, and are safe for children, dogs, cats, and bees. Learn more about our residential services. Contact us for more information about our commercial services.